Dear Cindy,

We want to let you know that it’s been a tremendous pleasure dealing with you while we made our transition in searching for a new home, making an offer, and finalizing the closing. Your professional and personal approach made us feel very comfortable and welcome in the community. You've become a good friend.

Most importantly you were always available. Whether it was daytime, evening or on a weekend you could always be reached. Regardless of the questions or issues that needed to be addressed you came through with the information we needed to go on to the next step. We greatly appreciate all of your hard work.

Now that the closing is done and we are settled into our new home it seems strange not having a daily phone conversation. Give us a call anytime just to day hello.

Cindy, please feel free to give out our name and phone # to anyone requesting a reference. We would be glad to help out.


Dave & Anne Wallace

May 14, 1997

E. Carlisle Smith, President
Longley-Jones Associates. Inc.
1010 James Street
Syracuse, New York 13203

Real Estate Agent Cindy Clark

Dear Mr. Smith:

I wanted to drop you a note to convey what an excellent job one of your agents did for me in the search for a new home. Recently my fiancee and I utilized Cindy Clark from your Cazenovia office as a buyer's agent to assist us in locating our next house. Since both of us are busy professionals. it was a joy to work with Cindy who immediately determined our needs and our likes and dislikes. She did not waste our time showing us houses that were outside the scope of what we were looking for.

After Cindy located the exact house that we had been looking for in Manlius, she also did an excellent job in negotiating a sale price. Such a task was not easy in this case in light of an out-of-town seller, and her less than cooperative real estate agent. In fact, Cindy made the entire buying process a pleasant experience.

You should be commended for selecting and hiring such excellent real estate agents as Cindy Clark. Agents such as her have made Longley Jones the most respected real estate service in Central New York. When the time comes for us to buy our next house, we will definitely be utilizing Cindy as both our selling agent and as our buying agent.

Very truly yours,

D Christian Fischer